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  • Custom Electrical Equipment Design
  • Complete Electrical Systems Design
  • Equipment Refurbish & Repair
  • Equipment Testing & Troubleshooting

    Each operation, each application is different, therefore much of the electrical distribution equipment can be quite specific to suit. IMG specialized in providing clients with custom solutions.

    All IMG equipment is design and manufactured to the highest quality standards to supply clients with a product that not only withstands the environment of most industrial applications, but is reliable and safe.

    Safety is IMG's main focus when designing electrical equipment. Key steps are taken to incorporate latest technology and practices for safety features to provide equipment operators with maximum protection from electrical shock and arc flash.



    IMG personnel's extensive experience in the industrial electrical field has gained them a wealth of knowledge and expertise in order to be able to design complete electrical distribution systems.

    This knowledge, along with keeping up with current technological advances, allows IMG to be able to analyze an operation's complete electrical system (or portion thereof) and be able to provide various solutions to improve efficiency, reliability, and most importantly, safety.


    Contact us at for an analysis of your operations, projects or electrical products/system.

    Many projects require solutions for electrical upgrades or expansions but have stringent, available budget. IMG can source used equipment and repair/refurbish it where required in order to lower costs of buying new equipment.

    IMG also provides clients with upgrading or refurbishing their current equipment in order to prolong the life of equipment and reduce costs.

    Often, operations require IMG to provide our testing and troubleshooting services. Our technicians are available to travel to site, test equipment to all standards and requirements for use by client and provide findings via complete report. Should repairs be required, quote for repairs to follow upon request.


Open-Pit / Hard Rock Mining

IMG's main focus is the mining industry. With many years of experience in the field, we are able to provide clients electrical solutions for their operations.

Underground Mining+

IMG's main focus is the mining industry. With many years of experience in the field, we are able to provide clients electrical solutions for their operations. IMG also provides services to source used equipment and repair/refurbish if required, in order to assist clients in project cost reduction.

Tunneling / Micro Tunneling+

The underground environment of Tunelling is not unlike the one of underground mining. IMG are designed to be compact to fit in minimal space and robust to withstand the harsh condition.

Pit & Quarry+

Pit & Quarry industry sites are similar to those of open-pit mining for ore. Electrical equipment is required to extract and transport materials around the site. IMG equipment is of industrial grade, designed to be robust yet sophisticated with todays technology in order to increase production and efficiency of operations.

Oil & Gas+

The Oil & Gas industry are also similar to industries such as surface mining. Most of the time, extraction sites are temporary and thus require portable electrical and control equipment to power and operate pumps and motors required for oil/gas extraction. IMG also manufactures various switcgear that is used in permanent processing facilities. All equipment is not only manufactured to be robust to withstand harsh environments, but is also designed with sophisticated control technology to increase production and efficiency of operations.

Power & Utility+

This industry relies on quality, reliable equipment to supply power and energy services to various entities. All IMG equipment design & manufacturing standards meet and exceed all requirements. All IMG equipment is engineered, certified and tested.

General Industry+

IMG supplies equipment to various other sectors of industry such as pulp mills, lumber yards, manufacturing facilities, and such. Electrical need for general industry include both electrical distribution as well as process controls. Contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a solution.