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Mobile / Moveable / Compact

IMG focuses on offering its clients custom solution to power supply and distribution. Be it in mining, quarry, oil&gas, industrial operations' power needs change as site layout is typically progressive and thus temporary.

The use of mobile or portable power supply / transformation is far more cost effective than the installation of permanent substation structures. Off-site manufacture is also more cost efficient for operations that are located in remote areas and therefore have much higher site installation costs - IMG units arrive at site in plug-and-play ready status.

IMG designs and assembles substation units to fit the requirements of site input and output, as well as, environmental conditions. Some sites lend them selves to trailer-mount units, while other sites require skid-mount style substations. Other sites, typically those in underground environemtns,

require units to be compact and more robust to fit into the minimal, yet harsh environments usually found in underground mining or tunneling.



IMG designs and manufactures various portable power distribution equipment used to convert incoming power in order to supply specific voltages to electrical equipment at site. IMG substation designs vary on the application, customer requirements and range from skid- or trailer-mount units to low profile, compact centers. Incoming and outgoing connections on substation units can be hard-wired and/or connected via cable couplers aa per clients request.

In order to reduce downtime and high onsite costs, IMG designs and manufactures at our shop facilities, complete substations units that are delivered to site plug-and-play ready.

Typically, they consist of an Incoming Section, Transformer Section and Outgoing section. Outgoing section can have 2-3 feeder units that distribute power to various site, electrical equipment.

Substation units can be mounted on a commercial-type trailer with dual or triple axle design, dependng he design's weight requirements. These unit usually include a walk-in switchhouse that incorporates the incoming and outgoing sections. The switchhouse provides protection from the elements for equipment, as well as, personelle as they come complete with HVAC system. Transformers can be installed in a cage/fenced-like enclosure for protection.

When sites are not accessible with a trailered unit, IMG substations are assembled on a rigid, steel skid typically consisting of 8x6" tubing skid, point-of-connection for tow/lift hooks, grated floor for non-skid, and oil-containment where required. Outdoor-type enclorures are uned for Incoming & Outgoing sections to protect equipment from environemtnal elements.

All IMG susbstations are designed and manufactured with safety in mind. They incorporate key-interlock systems, fast-acting breakers, visual/physical shield barriers, slip-proof flooring, and electronic relays for control and monitoring.

IMG Power Distribution Centers, also know as Mine Load Centers or U/G Mine, Moveable Substations, were originally designed for underground mining applications where physical working spaces are minimal, however, in recent years these units have been successfully implemented in other industries. The rigid and compact design of these units makes them suitable for other applications.

IMG Power Distribution Centers (otherwise known as Mine Load Centers) are designed with the most innovative, up-to-date components, these units provide operators with convenient, safe and most efficient use. Although these units are designed specifically for underground coal mining operations where safety requirements are of the highest level, other applications are relevant where minimal space and portability are required factors.

This equipment supersedes all required safety standards while supplying power to and providing protection for mobile, electric equipment. These units are designed to specification and clients requirements.

Rigid construction and powder-coat finish ensure maximum durability in extreme environments. The units are skid-mounted and equipped with roof-top eye-hooks that allow for easy transportation in limited spaces.

This compact PDC system is designed to be completely modular - each section is fully housed in it’s own enclosure and can be removed and replaced with relatively minimal downtime and minimal on-site repairs. This feature is especially convenient in the out-going, MCC-like section, where each module is easily removed and replaced in case of necessary maintenance or repairs. This “plug-in” style of outgoing section also allows for flexibility when adapting to each Mine’s requirements, as each module is inter-changeable between either feeders, starters, soft-starts or VFD’s.


  • Compact, Skid-Mounted, Modular & Corrosion Resistant
  • Side-Operated ABB Loadbreak Switch and Tavrida Vacuum Circuit Breaker
  • Modular Out-goers incorporate the latest technology Control Relays that allow for equipment
  • HMI Interface & Monitor provides operators on/off-site remote control & monitoring
  • Over-Current, Over/Under-Voltage, Thermal & Frequency Protection
  • Ground Fault and Ground Check Monitor & Indicating Device
  • Key Interlock

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