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Switchgear and Switch Houses

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Switchgear is typically used in a power distribution system to control, protect, and isolate electric equipment – used both to de-energize/isolate downstream equipment or clear faults, thus adding to the reliability of the power supply system. Switchgear is also used to enhance system availability by allowing more than one source to feed a load. Typical components are disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers.

All IMG switchgear is typically equipped with Vaccuum Circuit Breakers because they have minimal arcing characteristics and can be reset versus requiring replacement as in the case of fuses. IMG has successfully designed and manufactured switchgear with 0-Arc Flash rating.

For added operator safety, switchgear incorporates key-interlock systems, physical barriers, viewing windows, stategicly placed equipment, live-line indicators, and such.

IMG supplies both stand-alone, metal-clad indoor and outdoor switchgear, as well as, walk-in switch houses that are typically skid-mounted for ease of transportation around site. IMG uses latest technology to provide highest operator and/or equipment protection.

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